euKa (YOO-KUH)

Inspired by nature and spending time amongst trees.

Wandering dewy rainforests to daydreaming drives through hilly countryside, It was amongst the Costa Rican rainbow eucalyptus trees euKa was rooted.

About the Artist:

Kaity Rydell

I grew up in Kansas City, where I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Textile Design from The University of Kansas. 

I now reside in Northeast Minneapolis where I spend my time singing, dancing, seeing live music, spending time in nature and traveling around the world. When I am not traveling, I am in my cozy home-studio with my cat & dog dyeing and hand-making your one of a kind piece.



Care Instructions:

Every piece of clothing is handmade with love 

For best results-

Hand wash or turn inside out and wash on delicate cycle

hang dry